Boxer Dog Food

You can never sneak a bite of food without Brock knowing about it. NEVER.

We all love the occasional healthy snack – but–
It is important to realize that boxers are particularly prone to developing food allergies. My Boxer girl Izzy once came down with a mean allergic reaction to a weird brand of GARLIC POWDER I had used on a snack she begged from me. This being the case, you should select a food that is free from common allergens including corn, wheat, soy and yeast – you should also be careful about foods that contain artificial flavors or coloring and by-products. It is also possible for boxers to be allergic to certain kinds of protein including beef and chicken, so be prepared to try out a few different foods before you settle completely on one formula.

When shopping for a dog food for your boxer, don’t let price be the determining factor, if you do you will certainly pay a much greater price in suffering and Vet bills for your Boxer.

Cheap is never better.  Cheaper foods often use lower quality ingredients that could not only trigger allergies in your boxer but could also be lacking in nutritional value. Look for an AAFCO statement of nutritional adequacy on the label of the food and don’t forget to check the ingredients list – if a wholesome protein source isn’t the first ingredient on the list, move on.
Ideally, your boxer’s food should contain between 20% and 30% protein with a mix of various vitamins and minerals.  Keep in mind that many dog food manufacturers provide the same products in different flavors, so if your boxer can’t tolerate one flavor, another might work better. Some of the recommended brands for boxers include:
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